Lorde’s secret onion ring Instagram account is a good reminder that popstars walk among us

Probably the best pop news story of 2017 has to be this one from New Zealand ‘outfit’ Newshub, who unearthed what they say is a secret but public (and now removed) Instagram account through which Lorde has been anonymously reviewing the planet’s onion rings. Make sure you read the story if you haven’t already — they’ve done a good job of it — and it was first brought to our attention today by two Popjustice viewers over on Twitter, so thanks for that lads.

@Popjustice please, Peter, I need your thoughts on Lorde’s potential secret onion ring instagram http://bit.ly/2szg9CT
— Jorge Mir (@jmiralva) June 13, 2017

Don’t sleep on this @popjustice It’s the biggest music onion ring news since Eminem spat on those onion rings in The Real Slim Shady video.
— Reseda Vanowen (@ResedaVanowen) June 13, 2017

Presuming this whole thing is true (and it’s human nature to want this to be true more than you’ve wanted any other 21st century happening to be true) it’s a good reminder that the way popstars seem to behave on social media isn’t quite how they’re actually behaving on social media. They walk among us.
We’ve all read interviews where artists explain how impossible it is to lead

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